Foundation Nggo-Mbie-Paei
Since the 13th of october 1974 Nggo-Mbie-Paei Kung-Fu exists in the Netherlands.
Since the 6th of june 2002 Nggo-Mbie-Paei Kung-Fu Nederland is an official foundation.

The Nggo-Mbie-Paei these days exists in three countries: Indonesia, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Most schools are located in the Netherlands with almost 200 members and ages ranging from 4 up to 65.
The schools in Belgium are separate with teachers who are students from the Dutch branch.

Members can attend all trainings of schools affiliated with the Nggo-Mbie-Paei foundation. This means you can follow lessons almost daily.

For an overview of our schools and training times in Europe please see the page 'scholen' on the Dutch version of our site.

In the Netherlands different formstyles are being practised. These vary from the 9 formstyles that where created by Richard Offerbeek to the Nggo-Mbie formstyles from Indonesia. Next to this all black belts are training own styles like the tiger, drunken master, monkey, shaolin and a lot of weapon formstyles e.g.: stick, sword and spear.

The headmasters of Nggo-Mbie-Paei Nederland are:
  • Ron Brühns
  • Ton Eikenboom
  • Eric de Jong
  • Bert van Oijen
  • Fred Willemse
Het bestuur van Nggo-Mbie-Paei Nederland wordt vertegenwoordigd door:
  • Bert van Oijen (chairman)
  • Eric de Jong (secretary)
  • Mark Hugen (treasurer)

School in the Netherlands 2004

Activities and events
Besides all trainings we organize all kinds of activities and events, including e.g.: club- and open tournaments, kayak trips, soccer matches, barbecues, night trainings etc.
For an overview of coming events please see the page 'agenda' on the Dutch version of our site.