Voorbeelden sparringstechnieken en vragen en antwoorden
Hieronder worden enkele voorbeelden van sparringstechnieken en een aantal veel gestelde vragen/antwoorden getoond uit het boek 'Tournament Fighting' van Keith Vitali.

Vragen en antwoorden
  • What's the best style a tournament fighter can study?
    Style doesn't mean as much as the person in the style. If you wish to advance in martial arts, you should develop your own style. Incorporate knowledge from many different styles like also Bruce Lee always said. Just see what works best for you in every style.
  • How do I learn kicking speed?
    Some people think that you are born with slow or fast muscles. Of course there will always be people that are faster than you are, but there is always room for improvement. Repetitions of kicks in the air are a good way to increase speed.
  • How do I learn to kick harder?
    There are many exercises that will strengthen your legs. Running or lifting leg weigths are fine methods, a heavy bag is even better.
  • Is weight training advisable for martial artists?
    The old "muscle bound" athlete who didn't understand how to control his diet ran into the problem of having a layer of fat next to the muscles and bones. This restricts movement. Nowadays we can develop muscles and reduce fat. This allows for a greater range of motion with strength. Therefore, weigth training is advisable when done properly. The Nautilus method, where flexibility is emphasized along with muscle development, is an excellent system. Stretching before and after lifting weights is advised!
  • When I fight with my strong leg forward, my weak hand is the one I have to punch with. What can I do to correct this situation?
    Although some people are equally effective with both hands and legs, this is not the norm. Most people favor one side, hand and leg. With this limitation, your strong leg forward with a reverse punch from the opposite hand is one of the most effective combinations. Strengthen your weaker hand on a heavy bag.
  • Although I'm involved in a vigorous training program, I'm not fighting any better. What can the problem be?
    A lot of people place more importance on their endurance training than on the actual fighting. Running, swimming, kicking heavy bags, punching speed bags and a jumping rope will only get you in good physical shape. If you want to be a good fighter, you must practice wisely and incorporate proper training drills that will sharpen your techniques. Then you must free spar often and of course the more tournaments you fight in, the better you'll get.
  • I have speed, power and versatile techniques. Why can't I score?
    The most important thing is timing. There is a difference between knowing how to and knowing when to. Start with rhythm kicking drills. Spar with a partner who makes e.g. a backfist. First slowly while you time a sidekick at him. Then let him punch faster and try to keep the timing. Also try other punches and kicks.
Voorbeelden sparringstechnieken

Verdediging en counter
Links: tegenstander start met een sidekick. De verdediging is naar de zijkant stappen (richting de achterkant van de tegenstander).
Rechts: de counter volgt onmiddelijk door voorwaarts te springen en een stoot te plaatsen naar het hoofd van de tegenstander.

Links: als een tegenstander op je toeloopt, stap dan naar de buitenkant.
Rechts: spring op en plaats een flying-sidekick.

Links: Trap met het rechterbeen (schijnbeweging).
Rechts: plaats een stoot met de rechtervuist naar het hoofd van de tegenstander.

Links: Stoot met de linkervuist (schijnbeweging) naar het hoofd van de tegenstander.
Rechts: plaats een lage stoot met de rechtervuist naar de maag van de tegenstander.

Een zeer goede oefening is het trappen op een handschoen. Hierbij kan je alle kracht zetten in een trap en je leert goed te plaatsen.